Team Lead – Salesforce

at Crescens Inc.
Published July 20, 2023
Location Concord, NH
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Job Type Full-time  


Job Description

Job Title: Team Lead - Salesforce
Location: Concord, NH (Telework)
Duration: 7+ months

Job Description:

  • This is a true TEAM LEAD position - do not submit a senior developer who does not have high level experience in a development team lead role for this position. Only submit candidates who clearly display the development team lead experience required.
  • The person in this role will be engaged with higher levels of leadership and needs to be able to understand what is being asked and subsequently provide deliverables that meet those expectations. 3 - RESUME REQUIREMENTS (we will not consider candidates if resumes do not contain the following) a - Must display a clear demonstrated track record showing the client the success the candidate has had as a development team lead. b - Must contain only certifications you have verified as accurate (candidates must be able to provide proof of any certifications they say they have), and certification DATES must be included ON THE RESUME for all certifications listed.

The Development Team Lead will assist the state with design and development of an incident management system. This system will have 2 primary initial stakeholders from which we will build the first 2 pilots. This Development Team Lead, along with the team's Architect, will work closely with the IT manager/Client's Leadership and the areas of business to define and refine the proposed solution and eventually onboard additional team members as the scope is fully realized. Ideally this candidate will have demonstrated technical lead responsibilities, a track record of successful low code/no code deployments, and experience with Salesforce public sector foundations. Candidates with relevant experience working with incident management systems, and who have Salesforce public sector foundations backgrounds will be preferred.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leads multiple programming activities and projects adhering to the current SDLC process and common agile practices instilling commitment to quality, customer service, ownership, and teamwork.
  • Design, document and review detailed functional specifications, system specifications, and program specific actions to be taken by the software to meet requirements and business needs.
  • Ensures work remains within the agreed scope.
  • Manages and updates progress towards Application Team objectives, assists Application Team members in resolving problems, and engages in personnel management and guidance to Application Team members
  • Develops and manages short and long-term plans and schedules for the team while balancing workload with Application Teams capacity by managing the Application Teams activities according to schedule.
  • Reviews estimates for accuracy and completeness composed by other team members.
  • Manages the accomplishment of delivery metrics to support contractual obligations in the areas of service delivery and on time performance commitments and productivity improvement.
  • Manages and directs Application Team activities employing appropriate program management and planning principles and Tracks work plan baseline against results
  • Perform Analysis, coding, testing, debugging, implementation, and documentation as well as assists Application Team members in development activities and reviews tasks as required
  • Create workflows of varying complexity leveraging the Salesforce platform
  • APEX development, development of VisualForce and Lightning pages and Lightning Web components
  • Use Salesforce APIs to integrate with other State systems, including legacy systems
  • Collaborate with IT / Developers for other systems to integrate across the business
  • Code review custom developed code and make necessary technical adjustments and recommendations, assuring adherence to Salesforce best practices, include test cases.
  • Perform basic platform configuration (objects, fields, page layouts, etc.), creating reports and dashboards, and data management.
  • Groom and Refine the Salesforce application backlog
  • Review solutions and recommend improvements
  • Collaborate with Salesforce administrator regarding release cycles to implement and deploy updates to existing applications and code.
  • Work as directed by DoIT management to meet DoIT coding standards and best practices and should be familiar with test-driven development and "no code, low code, custom" maxim.
  • Facilitates communication and knowledge sharing within the Application Teams.
  • Oversees the resolution of production problems.
  • Must be comfortable taking appropriate steps to protect PHI/PII/PCI.


  • Demonstrated Progression of Team Lead Experience (progression of experience must be clearly displayed on resume)
  • Track record of successful low code/no code deployments
  • Experience with Salesforce public sector foundations
  • Experience developing/leading development for an incident management system
  • SalesForce development experience
  • Development of VisualForce and Lightning Web Components
  • Experience writing SOQL in Salesforce
  • Certified Salesforce Developer (proof of certification must be verified and dates of certification included on resume)
  • Certified Salesforce Administrator (proof of certification must be verified and dates of certification included on resume)
  • Experience with Data Modeling
  • Experience with Data Migration
  • APEX
  • Creating Workflows
  • Agile/Scrum Experience
  • Copado