Salesforce Specialist

at Cynet Systems
Published October 24, 2023
Location Raleigh, NC
Category Default  
Job Type Contractor  Full-time  


Job Description: Scalability: The solution was deployed for the management of 4 grant programs with most workflows and processes identical to one another. Similar grant programs cannot be added without significant, costly development. The solution must be able to send and receive e-mail communication from each sub recipient agreement, which is the main repository for the functions of an awarded grant. Currently, the solution permits an internal user to send an e-mail from the sub recipient agreement, but the response e-mail only goes to the senders Outlook email inbox. It is required that the return email response must also automatically be delivered to the correct sub recipient record in Salesforce. The current solution cannot support this 2-way communication in its current cloud type. Data Management: Ineffective Private Read/Write permissions fail to prevent REDD Division applicants from selecting DWS data during application completion. The solution ails to prevent the duplication of accounts and contacts. Environments Management: Unexpected differences occur between the development sandbox and production environments. No Versioning History. Queue and Permissions Management. Approval queues appear to be inconsistent across automated processes. Groups and queues established by the vendor do not appear to be reconfigure without additional development. Potential Factors: The current cloud type is not conducive to scalability. Inadequate or poor solution design. Code quality. Some solution components are shared between both business units (e.g. objects, data, apps, any integration). Some environments are shared between both business units (e.g. sandbox, development). Project Plan: Salesforce Administrator/Developer: Thorough analysis of the REDD Division solution to include all repairs and development needed to resolve the current solution issues and to ensure efficient maintainability in the future. Thorough Org health analysis. Detailed Org strategy plan which includes the options to transfer the current REDD Division solution to the new Org or build a new solution in the new Org. Detailed description of the methodology and project management approach. Description of the key activities and milestones. Description of how the Administrator/Developer will analyze, assess, validate, document, and complete the project milestones and deliverables. Description of the time and resources necessary to support the project. List the third-party software needed and any dependencies of the project. high-level project schedule. Staffing plan that lists the proposed staff assigned to the project. Data migration plan. Testing plan. Total project cost. Qualifications: Salesforce System Administrator & Developer. Technical system administrator performing daily Salesforce administration tasks. Manage all User Profiles and Profile Matrix all user license management (setup/deactivation, roles, profiles, permissions, and public groups). Manage all custom and standard list views, custom field values, page layouts, reports dashboards, and e-mail templates. Monitor and manage all site and environment/sandbox management activities and all org assets and any 3rd party managed or unmanaged packages. Manage to issue all org Salesforce tickets and manage primary and designated contacts. Management of custom objects, workflow and validation rules, triggers, classes, and data management. Troubleshoot platform and user issues and conduct root cause analysis. Identify and gather requirements from users and stakeholders. Provide leadership to others and manage highly complex work efforts. Support team members and monitor user adoption of Salesforce tools in our organization. Provide ongoing user training and create training materials as needed. Manage functional system diagrams. Manage Copado pipelines. Manage Own backup.